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A trademark is a word, phrase, slogan, symbol or design, or combination thereof, which identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods and services of one owner from another owner.

Selecting a mark –

Avoid likelihood of confusion – likelihood of confusion exists when the marks of the parties are similar (looks alike, sounds alike, similar meaning or create similar overall commercial impression) or the parties have related goods and services in such as way that the consumers are likely to believe that it comes from the same source.

Create a strong mark - a strong mark fulfills two main objects 1. Stop third party use and 2. Easier to protect

Weak Mark

Generic words/ terms – these are common everyday names for goods and services e.g. CARS for automobiles

Descriptive words/terms – directly describe the features or quality of the goods or services or provide the information but do not indentify or distinguish the goods or the services e.g. CREAMY for milk

Suggestive marks – suggest qualities or characteristics of the goods and the services without actually describing them e.g. GLANCE A DAY for calendars

Fanciful and arbitrary marks – they are inherently distinctive as they are created or inventive that does not have any dictionary or other known meaning and therefore less likely that they are being used by third party like ROSMO for Water purifiers

Strong mark

We represent from small companies and startup to multi -nationals. Our clients range from Luxury apparel brands, e- waste recycling companies, food brands, jewelry and fashion brands, cosmetic brands, robotics manufacturer, drilling equipment manufacturers, health care sector, etc.

We also file trademarks internationally and the registration rate speaks volumes of our professionalism. The quality of services provided by this wing is commendable and offers very competitive rates.

  • Providing opinion on the distinctiveness of the trademark (signs, figures, slogans, etc.) domestic and global;
  • Trademark Search and Opinion
  • Filing Trademark application
  • Drafting and Filing response to the objections
  • Attending personal hearing
  • Renewal of Trademark
  • Drafting or Filing Opposition or Counter Statement
  • Prosecution  Monitoring and Replying to objections,
  • Ownership transfer, change of name/address, licenses etc.),
  • Evaluation and valuation of trademarks,
  • Pre-litigation and other related disputes (formal notice letter, bailiff summonses, bailiff notices, counterfeit seizures, assignments, etc.).