Patent Wire


All the filing and post-filing requirements in Patent matters, commencing from docketing to maintaining records is strategized and developed by this department. The team is dedicatedly involved in various aspects of patent filing and prosecution.

  • Drafting patent application
  • Provisional Patent Drafting
  • Non – Provisional Patent Drafting
  • Reviewing and Drafting Claim Amendments
  • Payment of Annuity
  • Opposition procedures
  • Pre-litigation and disputes, (notice letters, conciliation...)
  • Litigation support
  • National Phase Filing
  • Convention Filing
  • PCT Filing
  • Indian Filing

We provide specialized services in all major technical disciplines including:

Chemical, Biochemical, Food Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Synthetic Biology, Medical Devices, Micro-fluidics, Polymers, Life Sciences, IT and Telecommunication, Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Formulations, Microbiology, Food Technology and Medical Devices, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Software, Medical Devices, Utility Patents, Auto Components, Drilling Equipments, Recycling Industry, Waste Water Treatment Industry, e waste recycling etc.

We combine our techno - legal knowledge with our professional experience and in-depth market research and knowledge to fully align commercial goals of our clients.

We work in a close nexus with leading patent practitioners throughout the world to support our clients internationally; and provide a hassle free and seamless service to cover multiple jurisdictions. We can provide the most competitive quotation, from the best law firms from other jurisdictions due to our mutual working relationship.

We provide litigation support incase litigation becomes necessary. We engage and manage all the court proceedings, providing them with critical analysis and instructing litigators in India and abroad in the ensuing a flawless legal proceedings.