Ray of Hope

NECESSITY is the mother of all INVENTIONS. What we reap is what we have sown in the past. However, maintaining and managing the seeds and crop is even crucial step. Experiencing illuminated moments with LEDs and advance lighting devices are the outcomes of some wonderful innovations. The series of inventions generated during various stages actually changed the way of our living style and thinking pattern. One of the examples of such changes is witnessed in energy sector too, where we have seen many breakthroughs from power plants and electric transmission lines to home appliances and electric motors. The invention of Light bulb made it a symbol of innovation. Light bulb is included in the list of greatest invention of the century.

Real Lesson

  • Advancement as well as diversification is the keys to success.
  • Merely inventing doesn’t always help, one need to identify potential as well.
  • Thomas Alva Edison did not “invent” the first light bulb but he identified and diversified the essence of true invention into a successful business model.
  • Life expectancy of a technology must be recognized well in time.
  • Foreseeing the demands and working to fill the gap provides for the greatest.
  • From first light bulb to LED, General Electrical (GE) is still inventing.
  • A lot to Learn from GE.