History Of Glucometer

In the process of advancements made on the technology front, one which has suffered a lot is nothing but the ‘Human Health’! Today’s fast life and corporate culture has taken its toll on lifestyles which now is synonym to more junk foods, lesser work-outs and physical and psychological stress.

Thanks to such lifestyle, the healthcare industry has found infinite number of new opportunities; one of them being ‘Diabetes related Healthcare’. Blood sugar level is nothing but direct indicative of actual life-style of a person. Deviation of the blood sugar level from normal range creates many adverse physiological changes in the body system. Hence, managing and keeping watch over the levels of glucose in the blood is critical in improving life-style.

Healthcare industry aptly identified this need of diabetics, as well as normal subjects to check their blood glucose levels. However, the industry so far cannot be considered as very successful in addressing this requirement, for state of the art lucometers still have many issues with them when it comes to usability and accuracy while measuring the, regularly, the G
Blood glucose levels by patients/individuals themselves.