Ek Thi Chidiya

Intellect: Evolution Of Mankind

Intellect is the only factor that keeps human on top level of ecosystem and pyramid of life. The creator of universe has given life to all creatures, however, only human has been able to develop the entire amenities
to live and survive in a better manner on earth. Human civilization has witnessed sporadic growth from a nomadic life to a luxurious one just because of the “Intellect”. The theories of law of dominance and survival of fittest couldn’t have been inferred without human intellect. The human intellect has taken a major role during struggle for existence of the mankind.

India has been a land of sages, gurus, skills, art, rich knowledge, and cultural heritage. The royal courts have included these sages, gurus, and artisans, proudly as Jewels or Navratnas. This was the era of Glorious India. With time, this centre of knowledge, skills and innovations shifted to western part of the world. Our indigenous skills gradually got replaced by machines which are entirely of foreign origin. Eventually, the shine of Golden Sparrow started fading and got lost somewhere, and somehow, we too started undermining our own skills and rich cultural heritage.

To understand the knowledge shift from East to West and terrible loss of our Golden Sparrow, we can divide the development stage of mankind into series of historical events and correlate with role of intellect in such development. There was an era when man first discovered fire, and then invented the wheel. These two modules of nomadic life have played a major role in bringing us to the topmost position of pyramid. From Early Vedic age to epic age and thereafter from ancient age to medieval age to modern age, mankind has utilized all his intellect and survived from generations to generations and provided us the beautiful world to live in. India too achieved the
Golden era and developed many technologies that laid the actual foundation of current era of civilization.